Our Business


Being one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India, we have always invested in building modern manufacturing facilities to increase our production capacities and meet the growing demand of our products. Our manufacturing facilities are approved by WHO-GMP as well as the various regulatory bodies of the respective countries we operate in.

All facilities are equipped with advanced automation systems. Contamination and cross contamination prevention through physical and pressure barriers. HVAC system is designed with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with automatic data recording monitors process control like air distribution, temperature, humidity, auto cleaning process, security by interlocking, intelligent access control, auto loading and unloading and Cleaning-In- Place (CIP) & sterilization in place (SIP).

Our facilities have four change room concepts, unidirectional flow of Men and Material movement and segregated de-humidified areas for manufacturing moisture-sensitive products. Stainless steel panels are used for in-sterile facility core areas. The maintenance and servicing are done from the top of a false ceiling without entering the manufacturing areas. All our facilities have water system with interlocking Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), online conductivity, velocity monitoring and power back-up. Our sterile facilities also have a fully automatic visual inspection machine to ensure the safety of our products. Integrated lines with synchronized auto cartonators and on line packing with check weighers.

We have separate dedicated facilities to manufacture various dosage forms like tablets, hard and soft gelatin capsules, orally disintegrating films, sachets, syrups & suspensions, creams & ointments, injectables including ampoules & vials.



At Rambarg Laboratories Pvt Ltd, we are deeply committed to excellence and quality. Our team is committed and works hard to deliver the best for the cause of life. The only way we can make our commitment of healthier and happier world come true is by providing better and even better quality of products.

If one were to seek out a single word that embodies the spirit of the company, It is apparent right from the moment you step into the premises, in the numerous facets ingrained and internalized into the company’s ethos.

Our patient-centric approach extends to our quality policy. Our focus on quality helps to ensure product safety and efficacy, regardless of the drug form. We believe that quality is the mainstay of competitiveness. We thus constantly create an environment of Quality and Compliance in line with the global best practices. Our dedication to quality in everything we do is uncompromising, and covers every stage of the development, production and marketing of our medicines.

We are having world class & robust quality systems to ensure that all the products manufactured are consistently safe and of good quality. Our aim is to deliver highest quality products at affordable prices. The company has well qualified and trained personnel in quality department to ensure GMP compliance.


Quality Policy

Rambarg Laboratories Pvt Limited is committed for the delivery of Affordable and Quality Products to Patients, a fundamental element of our Company’s Mission and Vision.

–      Company shall establish compliance with applicable quality regulations, codes and standards for its manufacturing site, including contract manufacturing sites.

–      Deliver high quality products that patients can trust.

–      Continuous improvement and innovation to improve our Facilities, Products, Processes and Procedures.

–      All employees have the appropriate education, training, skills and experience to carry out their work competently.

This policy will set the framework for driving our quality programmes to create a sustainable quality culture for continual improvement

At Rambarg Laboratories Pvt Limited, our mission is to provide reliable, safe and affordable medicines to patients worldwide, thus helping people to live healthier lives. Right from the procurement to the completed formulations, our stringent procedures ensure that the products are safe, effective and compliant with the International standards.

Efforts are underway to get our fully equipped laboratories accredited as the Research & Development Center by the Government of India.



Rambarg Laboratories has a relentless focus on Quality Control (QC) and Quality assurance (QA) as these are our strengths and the key differentiators. Strict adherence to cGMP norms as well as our efforts towards continuous improvement of our product, process and the skills of our work force enables us to improve our offerings to our customers and consumers on a regular basis.


–     All of our products undergo extensive R&D and stringent quality control tests as per international norms

–     We use sophisticated and latest instruments including U.V. spectrophotometer for qualitative as well as quantitative analysis

–     Testing is performed by highly qualified, well-trained and experienced analytical chemists for achieving the best in quality control


Quality Assurance

Rambarg Laboratories Pvt Limited is committed to total quality management. The manufacturing process is carried out under strict supervision of our technically competent staff as per the pre-defined processes and procedures. To ensure that the cGMP standards are met and products comply with international quality standards; quality control measures have been imbibed at various stages of production starting from approval of raw materials, in-process materials and extends to checking of finished products. The Batch Manufacturing Records and Batch Packaging Records are maintained for all manufactured products. The Final products are tested to the strictest of the available international pharmacopeial standards and norms. Stability studies are conducted on all our manufactured products.

We have well equipped chemical and instrumental laboratories with modern and sophisticated instruments such as H.P.L.C., H.P.T.L.C., L.C.M.S., G.C., I.R., U.V. Spectrophotometer, Polarimeter, Karl Fischer Titrators, etc. All equipments used in manufacturing, testing and packaging of the materials are regularly maintained and calibrated both at our in-house and by third party laboratories.

High quality performance standards are achieved through qualified and experienced staff, modern equipment, documented procedures and an established quality assurance system. The Quality Assurance team functions independently for monitoring & controlling the various activities of each functional department as pre defined in the S.O.P.’s and authenticated guidelines.


Regulatory compliance

The practices at Rambarg Laboratories Pvt Limited are adherence to latest quality & safety standards. We ensure the implementation of cGMP standards, follow our in-house S.O.P’s, and pharmacopeial specifications. Most of our products are supported by the technical packages comprising of Drug Master files, Product Dossiers, Free sale certificates, Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products, etc.


Environmental Compliance

The intermediates, wastes and effluents are treated effectively so as to ensure compliance with environmental norms. Our environmental policy is to produce highest quality products in harmony with the ecological system and to minimize the damage to the environment by complying with all the statutory regulations and ISO-14001 standards.



At Rambarg Laboratories Pvt Limited, we believe employees are at the heart of all that matters. Connected in purpose by career, life, and health. The best people produce the best products and thus Ultratech is constantly on the lookout for bright and ambitious team players who have a strong commitment towards the organization.